Visitors to BEIRUT ART FAIR 2018 will have the opportunity to discover just how far Lebanese photography has come over the past century at the Focus exhibition, titled « Across Boundaries ». Set out over almost 500m2, the exhibition is set to reveal the way in which local talents have broken free from stereotypes to reach artistic maturity and brilliance in equal measure. 

This exceptional event of unprecedented scope will create a dialogue between generations of artists, showcasing over 100 works of art and installations, representing Lebanese photographic production from the 1900s to the present day. 

Tarek Nahas, a passionate collector of photographs, has undertaken the meticulous research, selection and compilation of works from private and institutional Lebanese collections for the show, ably assisted by Marine Bougaran, the project’s artistic director, and its artistic advisor, Laurence Nahas.

The exhibition’s team has two aims; first, to establish photography as a medium on the Lebanese artistic scene in its own right, and second, to introduce the public to the process that underlies all artistic projects and gives them meaning. 

The exhibition is also a special tribute to Lebanese collectors, who, in their role as pioneers and middlemen, and through their ongoing support, have allowed photography to take its rightful place on the Lebanese art scene, according to Tarek Nahas.


«ACROSS BOUNDARIES » was made possible thanks to the support of Byblos Bank, La Régie Libanaise Des Tabacs et Tombacs and the Swiss Embassy in Lebanon.