Curator : Tarek Nahas

BEIRUT ART FAIR 2018 is proud to show an exceptional non-profit exhibition focused on Lebanese photography, from 1900 to our daysn through the public and private Lebanese collections. 

This exhibition highlights: 

- The defence and enhancement of Lebanese heritage 

- The international promotion of the Lebanese artistic art scene 

- The richness of photographic pratices : their linking and dialogue provided here, bring the visitor to become aware of the inventiveness of this medium.

This show aims to reaffirm the Beirut's place as the Cultural Capital of the Middle-East

With about fifty exhibited artists, anonymous or famous photographers, the exhibition aims to emphasize the technical, conceptual or aesthetic concerns which add value to the Lebanese heritage.  

This exhibition is accompanied by talks and roundtables which bring together Lebanese and international experts. 


This show is organized by Marine Bougaran, a photography specialist, and curated by Tarek Nahas, a great collector of photographs.