JoannaJoanna Abou Sleiman Chevalier is a curator & art consultant. Since 2010, she curated exhibitions in Paris, such as "Who are you Peter" at the Espace Culturel Louis Vuitton, and two events during La Nuit Blanche. She also curated several exhibitions in Beirut, such as "Heartland - Territoire d’Affects" at the Beirut Exhibition Center (2015), "Michel Deverne" in partnership with PIASA at Over the Counter (2016), "Patterns and forms" in partnership with Beirut Design Fair at Maison Rabih Kayrouz (2017). She is also the founder of "Talents Video", a company that produces and distributes art films. In 2010, she produced and delivered ten films that created the link between video art and classical music. They were projected at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature during Paris Museum Night.



TamaraBased in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) since 2004, Tamara Inja Jaber is an independent art curator and consultant for prominent Arab collectors in the private and governmental sector. A fierce art advocate, she aims to promote famous and promising Middle Eastern artists and their work in the Gulf region to the international market. In 2008, she curated "Lebanese Stories,” a landmark exhibition at the Dubai International Financial Centre, which garnered the attention of the Crown Prince of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. In 2010, she co-curated in Beirut "Pieces for a Museum,” a retrospective celebrating the renowned and timeless works of Paul Guiragossian and Chafic Abboud. Tamara thrives to portray a comprehensive canvas of the Middle East by shedding light on the varied art practices of the Levant, the Gulf and Europe. Simply put, her mission is to bridge talented individuals with worthy institutions for the sake of art.



baselBased between Beirut and Cairo, Basel Dalloul is the Chairman and CEO of Noor Group, a leader in the field of information technology that provides internet, telephone and video services to over 135 countries across the globe. Dalloul is a recognized authority in IT and was among the initiators of a revolutionary approach to internet services in the Egyptian market, while also pioneering the delivery of internet access to underserved areas in Africa and the Middle East. One of the most important collectors in the region, he has gathered some 3,500 exceptional works into the Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation: mostly paintings and sculptures, with recent additions of installations, photography, and video art.



abrahamAbraham Karabajakian is the founder of Loyalty Investments & Insurance in Lebanon and Loyalty Insurance Brokers in Romania. In 2010 he  co-curated the exhibition "Pieces for a Museum", in order to raise awareness of the need to create a modern and contemporary art museum in Beirut. In 2012 Karabajakian and his business partner Roger Akoury opened KA Modern and Contemporary Art, a private collection of modern and contemporary art - partly on view in the «KA» space near Beirut’s Marina of Dbayeh - that includes more than 600 works by major artists from Lebanon. He is also a co-founder and member of the Board of Trustees for BeMA - Beirut Museum of Arts, and serves as vice-president for the Mare Foundation, Museum of Recent Art in Bucharest.




Tarek Nahas is a business lawyer whose passion for photography has led him to amass an important collection of works since 2000. Nahas loves to share his passion with a wider audience, as evidenced in the 2015 exhibition "Open Rhapsody, a Journey into Photography and Video Collections" at the Beirut Exhibition Center, which he co-curated with Jean-Luc Monterosso (Director of La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris).

Nahas is also a member of several committees at major contemporary art museums in Europe.