Byblos Bank established its Photography Program in 2012 with the goal of creating the right conditions for emerging Lebanese photographers to support themselves through their art. This is achieved primarily by placing these gifted artists at the heart of the market, bringing them closer to collectors, gallery owners, established professional photographers, and the media.

Over the course of six years, the Byblos Bank Award for photography has evolved into one of the most prestigious photography awards in Lebanon. This milestone was reached thanks to six successful years of partnership with BEIRUT ART FAIR, six years of commitment from emerging Lebanese photographers, six years of support from experts in the field of artistic photography, and six years of fruitful collaboration with the media. The sixth edition of the Byblos Bank Award for photography also marks a major step forward in the bank’s continuous efforts to support photography as an art form in Lebanon. Many participants have been able to develop their talents and build their careers, thus laying the foundations for a diverse Lebanese photography market.

Organized in cooperation with BEIRUT ART FAIR, the annual Byblos Bank Award for Photography is the high point of this endeavor.

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Joe Ghanem was announced winner of the 2017 Byblos Bank Award for Photograph during BEIRUT ART FAIR 2017. 

Members of the Jury

  • President: Agnès Grégoire, managing editor of Photo Magazine, France
  • Special Advisor: Noël Nasr, photographer and director of the photography program at Université Notre Dame –Louaizé (Lebanon)
  • Federico Freschi, Dean of the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture of Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Marc Mouarkech, Director of the Arab Image Foundation, Lebanon
  • Judith Peyrat, Art dealer, France

This year, French photographer Aurelie Pétrel directed a weeklong workshop in June dedicated to the theme “Gesture and its construction” with Yara Bsaibes and Joe Ghanem, two young Lebanese photographers.

The resulting works was shown at Booth A5bis (BYBLOS BANK WORKSHOP).