Stop 01 - Le Gray Hotel - Ghassan Zard - Turtles, 2015, Courtesy of the artist and Galerie Tanit
Stop 04 - AIR FRANCE - Nabil Helou - Black Pearl, 2016, Courtesy of the artist
Stop 05 - Bassam Kyrillos, Courtesy of Mark Hachem
Stop 06 - Kameel Hawa, 2016, courtesy of the artist
Stop 07 - David Mach - Silver Back, 2007-2008, Courtesy Opéra Gallery
Stop 10 - PANERAI - Richard Orlinski, Courtesy Opéra Gallery
Stop 13 -HERMES - Robert Dallet
Stop - PLUM - Jason Botkin & Jeremy Shantz, Courtesy Galerie les Plumes, Elsie Braidi
Stop 14 - ELIE SAAB - Evangelia Kranioti

From 19 to 26 September 2017, BEIRUT ART WEEK opens public spaces and luxury boutiques of the capital to artistic expression. 

BEIRUT ART WEEK brings out the historical heritage of Beirut, by investing new territories in order to conquer a new public. Monumental works settle in downtown streets and shops and open the doors of contemporary art to all.

The itinerary is composed of around twenty interactive projects combining installations, sculptures, and performances that will take shape throughout Beirut’s symbolic landmarks such as Martyr’s Square, Beirut Souks, Zaitunay Bay, Saifi Village and Harbour Square.

This unusual itinerary is supported by the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourisme, Beirut Municipality and Solidere.

Download the 2016 map