The 2018 edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR offered an exceptional and innovative program that confirms Beirut’s role as one of today’s most vibrant centers of Modern & Contemporary creation.

BEIRUT ART FAIR is the leading platform for the discovery of new artists, trends, galleries, institutions, and publications from the ME.NA. and international, thus representing a principal catalyst for artistic development of the region. 

The 9th edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR, last September 19/23, welcomed 53 internationally renowned galleries from more than twenty countries and was concluded with a new record of 34,000 visitors; an increase of 21% compared to its previous edition. 82% of the galleries reported strong sales and promising leads from serious art collectors and museums. Distinguished for its depth, diversity and quality, BEIRUT ART FAIR did present an incredible showcase of works from internationally renowned modern and contemporary art. Numerous curators and museum directors commented that they discovered many artists for the first time at the fair. 

Relying on an unparalleled selection committee, composed of Joanna Abou Sleiman-Chevalier, Tamara Inja-Jaber, Basel Dalloul, Abraham Karabajakian and Tarek Nahas, the modern & contemporary art fair of Lebanon lived up to its records of excellence in 2018.

As Beirut is a bridge between East & West, the fair establishes and builds artistic links between diverse cultures, fostering collaboration between galleries with a demonstrated commitment to making discoveries.

In 9 years, BEIRUT ART FAIR has become an international artistic event that attracts an ever greater number of visitors to Lebanon: professionals and art lovers from the region and from around the world.  BEIRUT ART FAIR enjoys from the most important art collectors in the region, whom they have enlisted on the basis of their rich expertise, their intellectual curiosity, and the quality of their views on the regional art scene. 

Supported by an exceptional VIP program, BEIRUT ART FAIR continued to use greater selectivity in its choices, a decision which continued to pay dividends, with a marked increase in quality that supported the fair's threefold mission: to foster a spirit of expansion and renewal, to promote the discovery of young talents, and to unfold a new perspective on the recent history of creation and collecting in Lebanon.

Since its creation in 2010, BEIRUT ART FAIR has served to both spotlight and reinforce a dynamic art market that today finds itself in full expansion, both in Lebanon and in the broader ME.NA. region. The experience of Beirut is singular and the visitor leaves enriched with a new look, a fruitful exchange and a contagious fervor.

Concretely, this dynamism is supported by a series of initiatives, both institutional and private, that contribute directly to an increased valuation of local and regional artists, both modern and contemporary.



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